Zine   2022   Kayla Whipple

Artist Book with Handmade Paper, Tobacco and Screenprint   2016   Joe Moss

Artist Book with Handmade Paper and Screenprint   2016   Lauren Schilling

Relief Print   2022   Nick Gardner

Relief Print   2022   Kei Brewer

Reduction Relief Print   2018   Shawntè Levine

Moku Hanga   2022   Asher Campbell

Laser Cut Woodblock Relief Print   2022   Garrett Hill

Collograph   2021   Mia Tolman

Collograph   2019   Xiaoyan Zhang

Drypoint   2019   Megan Le

Etching and Aquatint, à la poupeè   2021   Kennedy Jensen

Etching and Softground with à la poupeè and surface roll   2021   Kennedy Jensen

Etching and Auqatint with à la poupeè   2021   Matalyn Zundel

Multi plate Etching and Aquatint   2021   Anqi Yang

Lithograph   2018   Emiliano Molina

Monotype   2019   Christina Kesler-Day

Monotype   2019   Emerson Neville

Monotype   2019   Morgan Talbot

Watercolor Monotype   2019   Cameron Juhl

Watercolor Monotype   2020   Eva Rauf

Watercolor Monotype   2019   Christina Truong

Frottage Collage (collage made from rubbings)   2021   Monday Vu

Frottage Collage (collage made from rubbings)   2021   Livia Anderson

Alyssa Nelson   2021   Collage

Phoebe Linsley   2021   collage

Wire Sculpture    2022    Aybrey Stoddard

Wire Sculpture   2022   Claire Safeer

Earthwork Installation   2020   Clara Call

Charcoal Drawing   2020   Brandon Maxey

Charcoal Drawing   2020   Raif McCormick

Charcoal Drawing   2020   Aubrey Wilkin

Charcoal Drawing   2020   Brandon Maxey

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